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You are invited to the 4.JAPmeet,meeting of all Japanese car

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You are invited to the 4.JAPmeet,meeting of all Japanese car

OdgovorNapisal/-a Janez » 25 maj 2009 21:34

June 13., 2009
Ljubljana(SLO), BTC - parking garage Citypark
4. floor

The 13.6.2009, Important date. There will be already 4. meeting of Japanese cars, known as 4. JAP MEET 2009. This year we will be directly in urban centre of "cars world". Place of the meeting is 4. floor Citypark parking garage in BTC city (Ljubljana).

Arrangemets for this even were very long and sometimes hard, but definitely fun. In complex of promotion, we have traveled a big part of Slovenia. We were also on the premiere of the movie Fast and Furious 4. This year it is obviously a lot of fours in the dates: Fourth part of Fast and Furious, fourth JAP meet on the fourth floor parking garage. Let's drop this, what will be actually going on there? Program includes known social games like throwing/pushing motor heads, bat bowling, legend shopping cart drag race, sledge hammer party, tug of war (pulling the rope),car showoff and more and more. We also won't be missing sexy girls, of course we'll specialy take car for the drinks, of course for the food too (suuuuuuuuuushiiiiiiii, of course a lot of rice too, anyway). So, pelase take your time and prepaire your shinny cars, modificated or serial, low or high, turbo or N/A, gas or diesel, it doesn't matter at all, just make sure they will be Japanese ones!

See you on 13.6.2009 on the top of Citypark parking garage in BTC, Ljubljana!
P.S. Drey guarantees a sunny weather and a lot of beer incase of bad weather (the event will be displaced for one week). We hope so, that all of three Daihatsu will show up on the meeting and people with Honda's.. don't forget to bring your own oil!J/K ;)

Promo video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFre6-W59IY

Voting for Miss JAPmeet: http://japmeet.si/si/miss-japmeet/glaso ... -2009.html

To človek občuti. Veter sprememb je nekaj, kar se te dotakne, te polni in vodi.
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